What feelings does Billy Buck have, and what is his personality and behavior like?

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book "The Red Pony" Billy Buck is a ranch hand on Carl Tiflin's ranch.  He is confident in his abilities to take care of horses and the other animals on the ranch. His manners are none to perfect as he swills his coffee out of a bowl and then wipes his hands on his pants.  He has a good relationship with his boss Carl Tiflin.  Billy is also idolized by Jody, Carl's son.

In the book the pony gets sick after Billy had told him it would be okay outside on a wet day.  It had rained and Jody's pony became ill.  The dying process was drawn out with the pony even having to have a hole placed in his breathing tube.  The pony goes away to die.  Jody and the two men find it being eaten by a buzzard.  Jody beats the buzzard to death.

Billy is upset because Jody's father tells Jody the bird did not kill his pony. 

"It was Billy Buck who was angry.  He had lifted Jody into his arms, and had turned to carry him home."(37)

He had turned to Jody's dad and said:

"Jesus Christ man!  Can't you see how he'd feel about it?"