What is Federalism? Describe in detail the continuous discussion/argument over state power versus federal power. Include specific relevant court cases/current issues to support your essay. Furthermore, is there a point of apparent contradiction written within the Constitution itself? Can you please identify parts in the Constitution that seemingly direct us in competing directions? Who should have more power? What should the relationship look like in your eyes?

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Federalism, at its core, is a system of government in which power is divided between a national government and other governmental units. In the case of the United States, federalism is represented by the federal government and individual state governments.

The complex push-and-pull between these two sources of power has been a debate in the United States since its founding. The Articles of Confederation (1781) was the colonies' first attempt to reconcile the issue of state vs. federal sovereignty. The Articles, however, relied on a honor system between the states that they would convene meetings in order to make decisions about fundamental issues like taxation, disputed territories, and foreign policy, since control over these decisions was not given to a centralized government. Many politicians, including George Washington, believed that the powers given to the federal Congress in the Articles of Confederation were simply not enough to ensure a functioning nation. Their solution was to...

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