What features of Elphberg, Prince Rudolf, are possessed by Rudolf Rassendyll in The Prisoner of Zenda?

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rudolf Rassendyll, in the lineage of the distinguished Burlesdon family, shared three features with the supposed unrelated Rudolf the Third of Ruritania, which is the Elphberg's lineage. The Elphberg's have been identified for time immemorial by their long, straight sharp noses and by their masses of dark-red hair. All scandal involving the beautiful wife of Lord Burlesdon of 1733 and the visiting aforementioned Prince Rudolf aside for the moment, the picture galleries of the long line of Burlesdons feature dark eyes and hair that is anything but red, dark or otherwise, except for a half dozen individuals who have long, sharp straight noses and luxurious heads of dark-red hair. Rudolf Rassendyll prides himself on the fact that he also shares the Elphberg traits of dark-red hair and a long, sharp straight nose. On top of which he and the scandalous Price Rudolf of earlier infamy (the scandal will out) share the name Rudolf.

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