What features do we find on the surface of the moon, and why do they rarely change?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most common lunar feature is craters.  The moon's surface shows a long and violent history, because it is riddled with impact craters.  There are some mountainous features on the moon too; however, those are mainly the blown out rim edges of impact craters and basins.  The moon also has large flat plain areas.  

The reason that lunar features do not change, or change very little, is because the moon lacks an atmosphere.  Without an atmosphere, there is no wind, weathering, and erosion to occur.  The only thing that will change the surface of the moon is another impact.  That will add another crater, or reshape an existing crater.  The moon also doesn't have active plate tectonics like Earth does, so it doesn't generate new crust and recycle old crust like Earth does.