What features contribute to the Postcolonialism within Things Fall Apart?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One distinct Post-colonial feature in Achebe's work is placing focus from the Ibo point of view.  In Post-colonial works, the point of view feature helps to emphasize a different reality than the Eurocentric one.  For Achebe, this exists in the reference point from the traditional indigenous people of the Ibo.  Another feature of Post-colonial writing present in Achebe's work is its critique of Colonial reality.  Achebe does not present Colonialism in a traditionally affirming manner.  A distinctly Post-colonial feature of the work is how it represents a sense of honesty in the work as it shows Colonialism to be a force of control and oppression.  Additionally, the sense of loss and the forlorn condition is another feature of Okonkwo's narrative that is a Post-colonial feature.  Postcolonalism discusses the reality of alienation that individuals feel in the wake of a Colonial reality imposed on a particular region. This feature is evident in Achebe's work.  Upon his return to the village, Okonkwo cannot recognize it as European control has been effective in transforming it.  His forlorn condition is brought about in part due to Colonization, a Postcolonial reflection of realty.

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