What are theĀ features of the author's style of writing in The Hunger Games?

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One of the central aspects of the style of Suzanne Collins is the way she so successfully uses cliffhangers to engage her readers and make them want to carry on. This is something that has ensured the popularity of this book and also something that makes the story a very quick and gripping read. Each chapter is structured in such a way as to make sure that it ends on a cliffhanger which automatically makes the reader want to read on to find out what the dilemma or situation that is introduced at the end of that chapter is resolved. Collins uses short sentences that are given a paragraph to themselves often in order to do this. Consider how she ends Chapter 13:

It would be hard to miss a wall of fire descending on me.

Such an ending to a chapter is typical as it introduces a new element of danger that makes the reader fear for the life of Katniss and almost insists that the reader continues to find out how Katniss survives this latest danger. This use of the cliffhanger is one of the key stylistic features of this novel.


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