What is a feature in katniss's apartmentI have a quiz coming up on the hunger games and this is the only question i cant find or figure out

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I think the previous two posts really have it covered.  The techno-shower and the video screen were really the big two things that stick out to me.  The only think I might could add, which might be stretching a bit, would be the Avox servants.  While not a physical fixture, they were definitely part of the apartment.

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I think another technology feature is the "window" that also serves as a TV screen and photo screen. A modern design makes things like more futuristic and contrasts greatly from the appearance of her home in District 12.  The modern design also includes many luxuries (light fixtures, bedding, etc).

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Katniss's apartment in the Training Center has many features.  A lot of the features discussed have to do with technology that she has never seen.  One such feature is the shower.  There are a series of buttons that change the temperature and provide special soaps and shampoos.  There is a closet that can be programed to provide particular outfits.  There is even a microphone that takes food orders and the food appears, hot and ready to eat.