What fear does Henry have as he returns to his regiment? How is he recieved? And what loud remarks does Henry make as the regiment waits to fight?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the classic Civil War novel "The Red Badge of Courage," by Stephen Crane, the main character, Henry Fleming, is nervous as he awaits the first action of his military career. During the initial Confederate attack, Henry's unit repulses the Rebels, but when the Southerners return a second time, Henry turns and runs. After being injured by a fellow Union soldier, Henry awakes and makes his way back to his regiment. He is worried about being called a coward and whether his comrades will accept him when he returns; he soon discovers that because the action was so severe, the regiment was scattered and no one saw Henry run. As his unit awaits the expected Confederate counterattack, the previously timid Henry loudly proclaims that the men will have to fight much harder this time around if they expect to win.

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