What faults in our society does Huxley point out in Brave New World?

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In Brave New World, Huxley takes a crack at nearly every aspect of society, namely:

  • Our addiction to pleasure in physical, emotional, and religious forms
  • Our blind belief in science and technology to replace traditional customs and values
  • Our addiction to entertainment, whether it be sports (centrifugal bumble-puppy) or visual mass media (feelies)
  • Our over-medication (soma) using pharmaceuticals
  • Our overuse of birth control (Malthusian belts)
  • Our educational system which conditions students to hate books and nature (neo-Pavlovian conditioning)
  • Our statified society in which a small percentage of the wealthy control the other, more populous workers
  • Our abuse of government power that wishes to bring about communism, socialism, or globalization (one state, World Controller)
  • Our attacks upon individualism (John) and the glorification of the group and tribalism and sameness (identity, stability, community)
  • Our abuse of natural resources to serve our industrial complex (building huge stadiums in the middle of nowhere so that we expend many resources to get there)