What is  the fault type of the Andaman Spreading Zone?strike slip, normal or reverse fault and if strike-slip, left or right

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The fault type of the Andaman Spreading zone is a combination of convergence and strike-slip boundaries.  Convergent boundaries involve two of the Earth's tectonic plates pushing towards each other, resulting in a compressional force that is capable of producing raised land forms like islands.  The strike-slip boudaries have a different type of movement.  They involve two of the Earth's tectonic plates traveling in different directions, completely independent of each other.  The action strike-slip boundaries exhibit is synonomous with a pair of scissor blades, producing a shearing force, which is the force that makes scissors blades work in cutting paper and other materials.  The convergent boundary is probably responsible for the islands that are predominant in that region of the Earth.


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