What is the fate of Safie in the novel Frankenstein?

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Safie is a Christian Arab who arrives at the cottage the Creature is observing. She is unknown to the Creature and does not speak the same language as the others in the house, but as Felix teaches her their language, so too does the Creature come to understand it. A parallel of sorts is drawn between Safie, fleeing a restrictive society in order to be with the man she loves, and the Creature, who is trapped by his own grotesqueness in a world without loveā€”but which, unfortunately, he can never escape.

The Creature listens to the story of Safie and her journey out of imprisonment. Ultimately, her fate is to "arrive in safety at the cottage of her lover," but she must endure much in order to reach it. Safie's mother was forced into slavery by the Turks, but impressed upon her daughter the importance of escaping Asia and marrying a Christian in order to be granted full rights as a woman. Safie falls in love with Felix, and "the Turk," her father, encourages the idea that they will be allowed to wed. Ultimately, however, the Turk betrays them, taking his daughter away with him. Felix ends up "confined for five months" with his family, in "miserable aslyum," and Safie's father takes this opportunity to declare that there shall be no wedding between his daughter and the man who is now without wealth. But Safie resolves to run away, taking an attendant, some jewels, and "a sum of money," and leaves for Germany. Her attendant dies on the way, but luckily Safie knows where she is going, and eventually arrives safely at Felix's door.

The Creature is very impressed by Safie's tale. Unfortunately for the Creature, when he announces himself to the cottagers, they are all horrified at the sight of him, Safie rushing from the cottage and Felix tearing the Creature fiercely away from his father. The Creature then "escaped unperceived to my hovel."

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