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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Euripides was born in Athens during the Peloponnesian Wars. It was the Peloponnesian Wars that eventually destroyed Athens and ended the Golden Age of Athens. As a result, Euripides' plays are infused with a mood of pessimism while his characters are developed with deeper psychological (affect and cognition combined and effecting each other) probing. When he was older and long established as a playwright, Euripides left Athens and withdrew from social contact to live in a cave and work on his plays, reported to have been ninety-two in total, though only nineteen survived the march of Time. Eventually Athens was for destroyed, never to return to its former state and Euripides went, at the age of seventy, to Macedonia to help develop a cultural center, where he died in 406 B.C.