What is Fanny's preferred form of exercise in Mansfield Park?

Expert Answers
wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Fanny's preferred form of exercise is horseback riding. It was very common for women to ride as a form of exercise during this time period. Fanny originally rode an old grey pony, but, as discussed in Chapter 4, it died. At first, Ms. Norris didn't want to buy Fanny another horse. She suggested that Fanny could make do with borrowing her cousins' horses when they weren't wanted. Fanny's health began to suffer until Edmund stepped in and insisted Fanny have a horse. His mother agreed but his aunt was still reluctant. Edmund eventually bought Fanny another old, gentle horse. Since it was technically his horse, Aunt Norris couldn't say anything about it. Fanny's feelings are hurt in a later chapter when Edmund lends her horse to Ms. Bertram. Fanny definitely gets most of her exercise from horseback riding.