What family on the periodic table does fluorine belong to?

ashptink | Student

The 17th family. It's a nonmetal and it's also a halogen.

Halogens :)

sciencesolve | Student

Since you may find fluorine at the upper right side of periodic table, you may call it a nonmetal, but the nonmetal class consists of two subclasses: halogens and noble gases.

You should know that fluorine is classified as a halogen and you may find fluorine as the first chemical element, in the group VII A or 17, in periodic table. You also may find in this group the following halogens: chlorine, bromine, iodine, astatine and ununseptium.

As halogen, fluorine is the most electronegative of all the rest of halogens and, like chlorine, it has a gaseous form.


sakshigupta1112 | Student

Halogen family!

nitishshah10 | Student

Group 17th,

Also Known as Halogens :)
They have only 1 valence electron and acquire a negative charge!