What is the family background of Ponyboy and Johnny in The Outsiders?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Johnny lives with his parents.  Neither of them is very nice to him at all.  If you want to see her attitude towards him, look at the part where he is in the hospital and she is trying to visit him.  In Chapter 1, Pony says that Johnny is often beaten by his father and that he only the gang loves him -- not his parents.

Pony lives with his two brothers.  Their parents both died some years ago leaving Darry, the oldest brother, to have to get a job to support his younger brothers.

They both have family problems, but Pony's is a loving family, unlike Johnny's.

s72544 | Student

Ponyboy is a orphan, he lives with his two brothers; Darry and Sodapop, Ponyboy is 14 years old, and Darry is 20 years old, and Sodapop is 16 years old

kaledo | Student
Ponyboy lives with his two brothers Darry and Sodapop , Darry is strict and strong and Soda is handsome and understanding . His parents are dead but him and his broghters get together pretty well other than misunderstandings with Darry . Jonnys parents are awful , his mom ignores him except when shes mad then she blows up and his dad gets drunck and also beats him real bad . He doesn't like this and wishs his parents would love him .