what is the falling action in The Tale of Despereaux

Expert Answers
jjohnson112 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Falling action is the last part of the story.  It's the part after the climax, or the highest point of tension, has been released and the conflict has been resolved.

In The Tale of Despereaux, the falling action consists of the final scene when all of the characters are eating soup in the banquet hall.  Another part of the falling action is the last portion of the story where the author tells us what becomes of the characters. We learn that Mig's father is released from the dungeon.  And, even though Mig never gets to be a princess herself, she does receive the love of her father.  Roscuro is allowed to roam the castle.  Despereaux and Pea become great friends and the author alludes to the fact there may be more stories about their adventures.  

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