what is the falling action in roll of thunder  

npoore84 | Student
The falling action in a story is everything that occurs after the climax. The falling action in this book is very close to the end during Chapters 11 and 12. The climax is also close to the end and occurs when the mob comes to get TJ and lynch him. To prevent this from happening, David Logan sets fire to his own land to create a diversion. The falling action begins when it begins to rain putting out the rain. The people had supposed that the fire had been started by lightening. Eventually, what actually happened begins to reveal itself. Cassie realized that everyone put aside differences to fight for the land. She then learns what will happen to TJ and how the fire actually began.
The falling action ends in a bitter resolution.  Though T.J. is safe for now, Cassie finally begins to learn the differences between whites and blacks and at this time.  For now, Cassie can only "(cry) for T.J....T.J. and the land" (Chapter 12).


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