What are some current fads and trends among senior citizens?

Expert Answers
clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is an increasing number of senior citizens today because the life expectancy is much higher.  As a result of better health care, arguably improved governmental aid (Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid), and the generally higher level of education of today's senior citizens, many believe that there will only continue to be a higher demand on the quality of life past a certain age.

From a business, consumer, or economic perspective, the following fads or trends might be important to note: senior citizens make up a significant part of America's current population and are likely to be demanding health care consumers.  Many senior citizens are still living with their spouses, but those who have lost significant others due to death mostly wish to continue to live independent lives.  There continues to be an increase in the learning of and use of advanced technology, especially the Internet, among senior citizens.  All of these things combined have raised awareness of healthy living and we are now seeing an increase in the availability of fitness facilities, classes, and community health programs geared toward those over the age of 62.  Local churches, YMCA's, private gyms, and community centers are creating more and more opportunities to bring senior citizens together in the name of health and fitness.