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What are the facts Sherlock Holmes presented to Dr. Watson about the battered billycock in "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle"?  

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The facts that Sherlock Holmes presented to Dr. Watson are that:
1.  There was a card on the goose's leg inscribed, "For Mrs. Henry Baker."
2.  The battered billycock hat had the initials H.B. in the lining.
3.  The hat was three years old as determined by the style of brim.
4.  The billycock hat is of the best quality as determined by the ribbed silk band and the lining.
5.  The expensive billycock was purchased when it was at the height of fashion and has not been replaced since.
6.  A hat-securer (elastic loop) was attached by custom request indicating "foresight" against calamities in the wind.
7.  The elastic of the hat-securer is at present broken and neither replaced nor mended.
8.  Stains are concealed with black ink.
9.  His hair is "grizzled," being gray or partly gray as evidenced by hairs in the lining.
10.  Small hairs stuck in the lining have been recently clipped by a barber's shears.
11.  The lining holds the odor of lime-creme hair dressing.
12.  The dust covering the billycock hat is not street dust with particles of burned coal, gray and gritty, but it is fluffy brown house dust.
13.  Perspiration marks in the lining testify to someone "not in the best of training."
14.  The billycock had not been brushed in weeks.
15.  The man has no gas lighting at his home and uses candles still as evidenced by tallow stains.

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