What were the factors that led to changes in the birth rate and the mortality rate?

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There were several factors that led to changes in the birth rate and the mortality rate. After World War II, the birth rate increased dramatically. Families had been separated during World War II, and there was a great deal of uncertainty. After World War II ended, families were reunited, and the economy was very prosperous. The media also portrayed the “average” American family as one with a mother, a father, and at least two kids. Advances in medicine and the development of new fertility procedures also helped to increase the birth rate.

The mortality rate has declined also. There is much more knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle. People are more aware of the importance of exercise and diet. Advances in medicine have helped people live a longer life. There are new methods to treat serious diseases. Advances in medications also have helped people deal with various medical issues. These medications have helped to increase life expectancy by helping to control important medical issues such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. With more knowledge and advances in medicine, people are living a longer life.

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