What are the factors that ensure that binary fission in a prokaryotic cell takes place at the center of the cell?

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One of the factors that stands out in the process of binary fission is the manufacture and assembly of a series of proteins whose specific function seems to be the splitting of the bacterial cell.  Chief among these proteins is one named FtsZ.  These proteins position themselves in exactly the right place around the bacteria, in a circular, ring-like fashion.  Bear in mind the DNA and ribosomes have already been duplicated.  At exactly the right place in the cell wall, the proteins cause the splitting of the cytoplasm, dividing the cell into two.  Each new cell has a copy of the bacteria's DNA.  The two new cells also have cytoplasm and ribosomes.  The final function of the splitting proteins is to reseal the cell wall where the cytoplasm was split.  Binary fission is the process that accounts for most prokaryotic cell division.

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