What would Zakaria believe to be the most important factor in the "rise of the rest?"

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I think that Zakaria believes in the technological advances that have helped to make the world more "flat," to borrow a term from Friedman.  This is something that Zakaria believes has been essential in "the rise of the rest"  These nations share a couple of elements in common in that they are technologically savvy.  They have been able to take advantage of the advances in information technology through appropriating technology in a way that assists them and their development.  For example, mobile technology and the use of mobile platforms have helped to make many in the nations designated as "the rest" as global players and participants in the marketplace.  The globalization that has reached these nations has been aided by a proliferation of technology on a level that has proven relevant and meaningful to these nations.  In this, their rise has become evident and something that has translated into economic and material acquisition, ensuring that they would be able to be a significant participant in the marketplace.  This rise is something that has marked these nations, and in the process, brought on the situation that America must reckon with as part of the new paradigm in which to evaluate both itself and the rest of the world.

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