What factors were responsible for Jimmy's reformation?

Expert Answers
thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jimmy Valentine had served time for breaking into a safe. He was released after serving ten months of his four year jail term. While in jail, he worked in the prison shoe shop as a shoe maker. Jimmy never did confess to breaking safes, even to the chief officer. After his release, Jimmy did not stop the criminal activities and he went ahead to break open safes at three different locations. He had developed a habit of not breaking safes in the same area which led him to arrive at a small town named Elmore.

Ben Price knew how Jimmy worked. Jimmy would go from one city to another far away. He always worked alone. He always left quickly when he was finished. He enjoyed being with nice people. For all these reasons, it was not easy to catch Mr. Valentine.

He always carried with him a bag full of his special tools for his criminal enterprise. He was bound to break a safe in Elmore, however met Annabel Adams the daughter of a local banker. He fell in love with the girl and decided to set up a shoe shop in the town.

It was the relationship with Annabel coupled with finding success in his shoe business that saw Jimmy stop his criminal activities. Annabel’s family, together with the townspeople liked Jimmy, who went by the name Spencer. He was soon going to get married and saw this as an opportunity to hand over his bag of tools to an old friend, since he was done breaking safes.

I want to give you my tools. I know you’ll be glad to have them. You couldn’t buy them for a thousand dollars. I finished with the old business—a year ago. I have a nice shop. I’m living a better life, and I’m going to marry the best girl on earth two weeks from now.