What are the factors required for industrialisation? if i search for a result for this question on search enginess,they dont provide proper information.they specify places and give information on the topic about the places.

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Of course, there is not an official list, and scholars disagree about some of this, but you can at least argue that each of the following is necessary:

  • A source of fuel, most likely one like coal that is portable (as opposed to water power where mills could only be located on rivers).
  • A means of transport to get raw materials to factories and finished goods away.  So this means railroads, especially.
  • A certain level of technology -- to be able to build the machines.
  • A certain level of agricultural production -- to make enough excess food to feed the factory workers.
  • Social values -- this is very controversial -- some scholars say that you have to have the "right" kinds of social values.  They say this is why Japan industrialized quickly and China did not, for example.

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