What are the Factors predisposing to septicaemia?

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Factors that predispose to bacteraemia with gram-negative bacilli include diabetes, lymphoproliferative disease, cirrhosis, burns, invasive procedures or devices and treatment with drugs that cause neutropenia.
Risk factors include major vascular catheterization, the presence of mechanical devices, burns, and intravenous injection of drugs.
Fungal infectionS occurs most often in immunocompromised patients with neutropenia, often after therapy with broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents. The extensive use Corticosteroids, of antimicrobial agents, of implanted catheters, of mechanical ventilation and mechanical devices also contributes to septicemia development.
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I. Impaired Host Defenses, for e.g.

Deficiency of cell-mediated/ humoral immunity

Decreased complement level etc.

Diminished inflammatory response

Diabetes mellitus


Prematurity and low birth weight

Intravenous drug abuse

Old age

Immunosuppressive therapy

Splenectomized patients


Hepatic failure

Aplastic anaemia


II. Pre-existing Infections

III. Instrumentation and Surgery Examples

IV. Other Factors Such as-difficult delivery, exposure to infected incubators, exposure to infected ventilators, etc.

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