What factors play a role or influence children's behavior problems from strict parenting and how can they be reduced (or how does that affect them when transitioning into adults)? While there are some blindly compliant children as a result of parenting styles that are too strict, strict parenting actually creates behavioral problems, rebellious children, and also causes children to have low self-esteem. 

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Research has shown that strict parenting actually results in worsening children's behavior rather than improving it. Children who are subjected to strict parenting do not learn how to regulate their own behavior, as their parents attempt to do it for them, and so children often overreact or react with anger if they have been subjected to this type of parenting. In addition, children often become depressed and anxious in these types of environments because they interpret their parents' messages to mean that they (the children) are bad. In addition, children subjected to strict parenting tend to lack self-esteem because they haven't been able to take control of their own behaviors, and these types of children can also turn to lying. These behaviors can continue into adolescence and adulthood. To reduce these types of factors, children need to be treated with empathy. While parents should not be overly permissive and allow children to do whatever they want, parents need to set firm limits in an empathic way that acknowledges children's feelings and that gives them some latitude to regulate their own emotions. 


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