What factors led to the rise of the Nazis and their power?

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The primary reason for the Nazi party's rise to power was economic desperation. Before the Great Depression hit Germany and put millions out of work, the National Socialist party of Germany was a fringe party on the far political right. Many people equated the depression to Germany's defeat in World War I, and general consensus, particularly among the working class, was that the Parliament was impotent to solve any economic crisis.

Hitler was a powerful and charismatic master of oration and rhetoric, and he won the working class and the disenfranchised middle class over to his cause by promising to restore Germany to its former glory by reinstating traditional values as well as providing jobs and economic stability for all. The Nazi party played on the insecurity of being defeated in the previous world war, and promised to restore the country to a land with a grand destiny.

Economic catastrophe played a major role in the Nazi rise to power. Just when Germany seemed to be getting back on...

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