What are the main causes of the First War of Indian Independence?please provide points and explanasions.

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The Indian Rebellion of 1857, which was also known as the Sepoy Rebellion, was caused by a number of different factors. The rebellion began within the ranks of the Sepoys, an Indian arm of the British army which outnumbered their British counterparts 4 to 1. Many of the Sepoy’s were recruited from the upper classes of Indian society, and were given special privileges for religious reasons, such as separate dining and bathing facilities. These privileges were slowly curtailed, which led to disquiet within the Sepoy ranks. The Sepoy were also angered by the British’s decisions to grease their gun cartridge with beef fat, which was a gross violation of Hinduism, which treats cattle as scared creatures.

Many of the people involved in the rebellion were members of the landed class or old aristocracy who were tired of seeing their power slowly chipped away, so they were more than willing to help fund, lead and organize the rebellion once it had broken out.

The actual spark occurred in March of 1857 when a private in the Indian army, Mangal Pandey, threatened to rebel over the before mentioned changes. He was eventually court-marshaled and shot for striking his superior, which led to a much wider protest rebellion in the ranks.