What factors drove Alexander of Macedon on to the world stage?

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There were a variety of factors that “drove Alexander of Macedon onto the world stage.”  Let us look at three of them.

One of the factors that must surely have been important in driving Alexander onto the world stage was his own talent and ambition.  Alexander must have had a genius for leadership to have been able to do what he did.  He must also have been extremely ambitious to decide to attack Persia and to try to expand his power as much as he did.  This sort of talent and ambition drove Alexander from within.

There were also at least two external factors that drove Alexander onto the world stage.  The first of these was the disorder in the Greek world that followed the end of the Peloponnesian War.  The time after this war is seen as the time of the decline of the Greek states.  It was a time when the Greek city-states were constantly at war with one another.  This weakened Greece and made room for other powers to arise.

The second factor was the skill and ambition of Alexander’s father, Philip.  As Greece fell apart, Philip saw an opportunity.  He learned from the mistakes of the Greeks and created a strong and unified Macedonia.  His actions created a strong base of power from which Alexander could launch himself after his father’s death.

Thus, we can say that Alexander was driven onto the world stage by factors from within himself and from factors from the outside world.

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There is different factors but the most important in driving Alexander onto the world stage was his own talent and ambition, yes his ambition! 

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