Employee Motivation

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What factors make motivating employees difficult?

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The modern economy is very complex due to the worlwide nature of business. Employees constantly compare themselves to their colleagues in, not only other businessses, but other countries and set the measure of motivation based on a very broad spectrum.

Some employees do not consider the various factors that exist within the organization in which they work (such as size of business and number of employees, local, global, management style, location,etc) which may affect the structure within which they operate. They see others who get better salaries, better perks, more holidays, a gym on the premises, childcare, etc and think they are hard done by.

Big city employers tend to provide more 'flashy' means of motivation - even a dentist and a hairdresser sometimes. The down side of this - distances travelled to work, peak traffic, parking difficulties, lift schemes with unreliable people, erratic buses and trains, etc. is often overlooked by small town employees who do not realize that...

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