What factors caused the Industrial Revolution to begin when it did?  

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The most important set of factors that determined when the Industrial Revolution happened had to do with science and the scientific mindset.

The Industrial Revolution depended largely on technology.  Technology, in turn, develops through science and the scientific way of thinking.  Thus, the coming of the Industrial Revolution was made possible by the promotion of scientific thinking.  This trend started with the Renaissance and increased with the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment.

It is also important to look at the impact of education on industrialization.  Innovations like the printing press helped lead to greater levels of education by the time of the Industrial Revolution.  This meant that there were and more people who would be likely to be able to help bring about scientific and technological innovation.

Finally, there are those who credit the Protestant Reformation for helping to cause the Industrial Revolution to come about.  The Reformation weakened prohibitions on lending money, for example, and helped to develop capitalism.  Some also argue that it led to the Protestant work ethic which helped to drive the Industrial Revolution.

In these ways, it was mainly intellectual factors that laid the foundation for the Industrial Revolution.


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the main impacts of industrial revolution are listed below.

Invention of machinery was one of the factors which contributed to industrial revolution. john key invented flying shuttle in1738. it enabled the weavers not only to weave wider cloth but also double their output. in 1765, hargreaves improved the method of spinning yarn by contructing the spinning jenny, a spinning frame on which eight spindles could work at one time.thus inventions brought about revolutionary changes in industry and commerce. england got abundant raw materials from its colonies from asia and africa. england got many labours due to agrarian policy which broke out before industrial revolution.impact of crusades and the decline of feudalism led to industrial revolution.