The Market Revolution, Industrialization, and New Technologies

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What factors contributed to industrialization? 

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Counterintuitively, wars tend to have a positive impact on the economy by their end. The Civil War was no different, and the resulting industrialization movement drove America further toward modern technology. There were many factors that made this industrialization possible.

The major need for firearms and food for wartime efforts created new factories and production facilities to strictly supply the soldiers. This surplus of new facilities, often subsidized by the government, produced new workplaces and manufacturing facilities in which industrialization could take place.

Additionally, there was a wealth of labor available following the war, as able bodied men and women who had been occupied with the battles now found themselves without direction and needing something to help provide for their families. Additionally, the massive group of liberated slaves now needed to find gainful employ, leading to a massive labor force to fill the voids in production facilities.

Finally, throughout...

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