What are the factors affecting human comfort?This question is related with ergonomics.

krishna-agrawala | Student

The factors that affect human comfort at work, at rest and during other activities include the following.

  • The magnitude and durations of force exerted by the body.
  • Any other forces to which body may be subjected.
  • The pattern of cycle of work and rest.
  • Extent of mental and visual concentration and effort required.
  • Nature of support available to the body to help in maintaining comfortable postures and distributing the body weight more evenly over the parts of body supporting it.
  • The pattern of bodily movement. This includes the kind of movement, the extent of such movement, duration of remaining in particular positions and frequency.
  • The working conditions or environment around the people. This includes factors like temperature,humidity, glare,  unpleasant smells, vibrations,and presence of irritating and harmful vapours and other substances.

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