What is extrusion molding process?

giorgiana1976 | Student

Extrusion process is a volume pressing process, similar to calibration,by which the shape and size of material processed(including thickness) are changed, by partially or totally redistributing of its volume.

This process presents several advantages, such as: the possibility of manufacturing complex shapes of brittle materials and the possibility to obtain superior finished surfaces on manufactured materials.

Also the extrusion process could be done in several ways, depending on the characteristics of material processed, the volume of production, etc:

-hot extrussion;

-warm extrussion;

- cold extrussion.

There are also 4 decisive characteristics which are helpful in choosing the proper equipments used in extrusion:

-press position (vertical or horizontal);

-extrusion movement (direct or indirect);

- the load applied;

-the mechanical or hydraulic drive.

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