What are the external and internal conflicts in Twilight? Also what is the protagonist's epiphany or insight to the world? please help! thanks a lot

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In "Twilight" there is a lot of internal conflict.  One example is Bella's internal conflict about her love for the Vampire Edward Cullen.  Edward is also internally conflicted as to his desire for Bella.  He knows he should stay away, but he loves her, needs her in his life more than he wants her blood.  Another example of internal conflict is the desire to protect Charlie, yet still be with Edward.  Bella would like to tell Charlie about Edward, but knows that he would never understand.  The External conflict is between The Cullens and the Trackers, specifically Edward's desire to protect Bella from James who wants her dead.  The climax of "Twilight" is the fight between James and Edward in the dance studio.

As a protagonist, Bella's insight to her world is in some ways, very fatalistic. She is a klutz and realizes that she is always hurting herself. There is also a tinge of acceptance of fate on Bella's part. Several times she mentions to Edward that his constant act of saving her may simply be a matter of stopping fate. In one section, she tells him that maybe "her number is up" and he is just interfering with fate. Just the fact that she is afraid the Cullens won't like her, instead of being afraid of the Cullens as Vampires demonstrates that Bella's outlook on life is different than that of most 17 year-old girls.