What external conflict pits a character against another character in "The Interlopers"?external conflicts is this: occurs between characters or between a character and a force of nature

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There is a huge man vs. nature conflict in the story in terms of the tree that falls on both of the men at the same time.  Now they can talk trash to each other as long as they want because neither of them is going anywhere.  There is a man vs. man conflict because the two men are fighting over land.  There is a man vs. society conflict because one the men is breaking the law by being on the land at all.  You could go so far as to say that there is a man vs. supernatural conflict if you consider the tree falling as an act of God rather than simply an act of nature.

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There is a huge "man vs. nature conflict" where the huge tree falls and traps both of the men. Here ulrich and George can say anything, because both of them are not moving.

There is a significant "man vs. man conflict" where both Ulrich and George are fighting over this spisifac piece of land. Both of the two men work very hard to make revenge on eachother.

There is a "man vs. himself conflict" where the two men decide wether or not to continue the formal way of seeking revenge. Ulrich and Georg have to decide wether or not it's worth it at all.