To what extent were the early English American Colonies democratic up until 1763?

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The American colonies were somewhat democratic before 1763.  They had a tradition of self-government, but they also remained under undemocratic, royal rule. 

All of the colonies had important amounts of democracy.  They all had institutions of self-government.  All of the colonies had legislatures whose lower houses were democratically elected.  The towns in the colonies generally had some form of local government whose members were also elected.  In this way, they were clearly taking steps towards democracy.

However, none of the colonies was fully democratic.  Every colony had leaders who were appointed by the British government.  All of the colonies had legislatures whose upper houses were appointed by the British government.  All of the colonies also had governors who were appointed.  In these ways, the colonies were not democratic because they were not in control of their entire governments.

Before 1763, then, the American colonies were democratic to an extent, but they were not completely democratic.

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