To what extent was Hitler a weak dictator?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hitler was, for the most part, a very strong dictator.  The only major weakness he had (in terms of his ability to control the people) was the fact that he was worried about the degree of loyalty that the German people felt towards him.  

Because of this fear, Hitler did not ask his people to make the kinds of sacrifices that the British and even the American governments asked of their people.  Hitler did not impose rationing on Germany.  He did not push for women to work in the factories.  The fact that he would endanger the war effort out of fear of rebellions is the major evidence that he was a weak dictator.

kerngrant | Student

thanks but I have a research paper that is trying to prove his weakness in  the way of the political system was structured:

(1) Hitler refused to listen to his ministers who were appointed based on their expertise, (2) there was a creation of overlapping organisations which clashed with minister’s portfolio therefore no one was aware of who was doing what, (3) Hitler appeared to lack interest in the day-to-day details of policy and legislation, (4) Cabinet government fell into disuse and (5) Powerful underlings developed their own empires.

Can you help me to expand on these