To what extent is the style of leadership used at McNuggets appropriate for a business such as this? The case study is given in the image.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The term "appropriate" is a challenging one in this setting.  Corporations such as the McNuggets one in the case study prefer the autocratic, top down administrative mandates to use over its workers.  They prefer this type of management style because it enables them complete control over every aspect of their endeavors.  Each detail is precisely constructed to supposedly maximize efficiency and corporate profit.  This can be seen in the exact measurements of the amount of salt used in French Fries, the exact time and temperature of cooking the McNuggets, as well as the need for every customer to be greeted in the exact same way.  Corporations will embrace the autocratic and commanding style of leadership because it fosters obedience, workers immediately recognize their place in the configuration, and it helps to increase the corporation's bottom line of profit and maximization of enterprise.  In this regard, "appropriate" means consistent with common practice, then the autocratic style of leadership and management in McNuggets can be seen as such.

If we wanted to pivot a bit and examine what can or should be, then the term might be revisited.  I think that the questioning here is whether or not a corporation or any business structure should go so far in denying an authentic voice of the individual in a corporation setting.  I think that there might be a need to insist upon a more democratic construction of leadership.  In this light, it might not be seen as entirely appropriate to demand that employees serve as interchangeable parts that can be exchanged out when they outlast their usefulness.  The McNuggets style of leadership is so "top down" that it tends to view individuals as a means to an end, as opposed to an end in their own right. This might be where it is fair to question whether what McNuggets is doing is actually appropriate.  In stressing such a commanding vision of management, there is a lack of voice within employees, within human beings, and such a practice might not be entirely appropriate.

susieshy eNotes educator| Certified Educator

 The leadership at McNuggets has adopted a management fad to help it keep up with its peers, to attract customers to its products and improve sales. A management fad is a new change in philosophy or operation which is often adopted by a management. Fads are usually implemented by an organisation's leaders and imposed on the employees of the organisation, with little or no input from them.

The fad adopted by McNuggets seems to be the Total Quality Management one. In this quality control fad, the organisation( here, McNuggets), continuously tries to improve its ability to deliver high quality products and services to it customers. Quality is entirely defined by the customers' needs and demands. The management leadership is directly involved in the quality improvement process. The leadership believes that better quality standard goods are produced and delivered if there is an improvement and consistency in its processes. The practices at McNuggets, reflects these management goals- to make each nugget taste exactly the same as the previous nugget with the same amount of salt, the same degree of crispiness and so on, so customers keep coming back for more. 

This type of autocratic management fad, is good to increase profits for the organisation but not so good for its employees, especially those of a free thinking mentality, reflected in the high turnover rates of its employees'. 

A successful management leadership works for the good of the customer, its employees and for its own good. A healthy balance must be struck between all of these stakeholder interests.