To what extent should we embrace the perspectives on globalization?

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The challenging element here is that globalization is a condition in which we are immersed.  The rapid advances of technology have helped to bring globalization to us.  The question of embrace is a valid one, but it is not as if it cannot be repelled and denied.  The fact that we are here on enotes answering questions that come from across the globe represents the globalized reality in which we are a part, forcing us to embrace.  It is like an unwelcome in- law:  They are a part of the family and one has to make peace with it in some form or another.  I would suggest that our embrace of globalization should be driven to ensure that it lives up to its promises and possibilities and be mindful of its negative effects.  Ensuring that there are as many participants in the global market is a critical part of this.  The idea of a globalized setting is, at its core, an inclusive vision.  We have to ensure that this is the case, making sure that as many nations as possible are able to partake in the global marketplace of goods, services, and ideas.  This would also increase the flow of information and collaboration on that end.  Information needed to eradicate disease, generate greater food production, and an overall approach to solving problems should be embraced by more people and globalization can help in this end.  Globalization should not be a cover or facade to consolidate the wealthy nations against the poorer ones, but rather seek to bring as many individuals into the process of generating wealth as possible.  Our embrace of it might be better suited if it is one where individuals are able to minimize its negative impacts, while maximizing its positives.

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