To what extent is Maupassant a naturalist?usefull reading suggestions or comparrisons?

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Naturalism focuses on human nature, stories that contain plots driven by character behavior, basic behavior that is inescapable as it is driven by biology or genetics.  The Naturalists tended to view people as victims of conditions that they could not control. 

Guy de Maupassant uses this technique in his short stories.  For example, in "The Necklace", Madame Loisel makes decision in life based on a primal hunger for wealth, fine clothes and fancy parties.  Maupassant suggests that she becomes a victim of society, rather than responsible for her actions, through choice, she is subject to the laws that govern behavior in society. 

That is why Madame Loisel, after she loses the necklace,  must spend her life toiling to pay back her debt.  She is boxed by rules that she must submit to, like a victim.

In "The Piece of String" Hauchercome, becomes a victim, when he picks up a piece of string from the ground and is seen by his enemy who implicates him in the loss of a pocketbook containing 500 francs.  Even after the purse is returned with the money, Hauchercome is still victimized by the circumstances that he cannot control.  The perception of the town that he is a thief. 

He wrote as both a Naturalist and followed the movement known as Realism.  Realism, closely related to Naturalism, depicts in literature real life, its connection to Naturalism lies in that the characters are in situations, in real life, that they are helpless to change.