To what extent do you feel that human beings need rules in order to be moral?

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This question is closely related to the age-old “nature v. nurture” debate. Do people behave the way they do because of rules imposed on them by society, or are they obeying innate (from the inside) laws instilled in them from some other source? If there is a god who instills a sense of morality into our beings, then we are not wholly dependent on rules.

Since your question asks for an opinion, I'll tell you what I think, and why.

I believe that our moral sense comes from a combination of society's rules and something that is imprinted in our minds or hearts by God. If we did not have an innate sense of right and wrong, we would live in a society in which life was much more of a survival-of-the-fittest affair. Granted, the fittest certainly do fair better than the weakest members of society, but for the most part everyone is cared for to some degree. Social programs that feed and house the...

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