To what extent is Eveline's refusal to board the ship based on her judgment and will? Has she decidied not to go?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is hard to judge Eveline in black and white. We know that she had a change, from submissive and subservient, to daredevil dreamer, and then back to submissive and subservient.

She based her judgement on her inner fear of change,  and on the repercussions that her escape would have in her brother and father, whom she had promised her mother that she would take care of.

Eveline also based her decision on will, but its actually on her LACKTHEREOF. She had the best intention to change her life, go away, and be with the man she loved. Yet, she did not have the will to make the ultimate sacrifice: To do it for HER, and not for anyone else. She did not even dare to change her life for her own sake, and to be the best person she could have become. She simply could not envision her life as a free, happy person, and she froze.  And remained frozen.

She did decide not to go. She had no will, no idea, and no foundation to jump from to make her life better.Her life was based on routine and habit. She was a creature of habit. She made the decision the same way she took care of her brother, her father, and everyone else: automatically. She really could not have helped it, if she even tried. In other words, Eveline's thought process is to remain within the same system of action, or else she could not function.