To what extent does John Berger's current lifestyle in France reflect his left-wing/Marxist principles?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that you will need to give more specific detail as to what exactly you seek out of Berger's time in France and his connection to Marxist Humanism.  In my mind, his work right now seems to be consistent with the Marxist idea of seeking to explore the condition of alienation across the globe.  The seat of this analysis starting in France is reflective of how many Marxists set themselves up in France to examine the rest of the world.  Reminiscent of Sartre, himself a Marxist Humanist, Marxist thinkers found a community in Paris, in particular, where they could perceive and analyze the world through Marxist commentary from France.  Berger's collaborations with other writers/ thinkers across the globe, including his own daughter, focusing on struggles in places like Palestine and its current challenges with Israel, as well as the sensitivity to the world challenges with alienation are all representative of that idea that France and modern intellectualism seem to go so well together.  Yet, outside of this, I don't see anything particularly new in Berger's work that makes it intrinsic to his location in France.

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