To what extent do you think that Juliet's death is an inevitable conclusion to her defiance of her family?need help with the introduction please.

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Certainly, Fate plays an integral role in "Romeo and Juliet" as the opening Chorus suggests in the reference to the young couple as "star-cross'd lovers."  Romeo, too, senses the role of Fate as he unknowingly presages his and Juliet's deaths in Act 3, Scene 4 when he says, " My mind misgives some consequence yet hanging in the stars." And, after his having killed Tybalt in Act 3, Scene 1 he cries, "O, I am fortune's fool," he realizes that he has destroyed his future with Juliet as she may now hate him for having slain her beloved cousin as well as his having amplified the enmity between the feuding families.  With Romeo's act of murder, Juliet feels that she cannot possibly tell her parents of her marriage. Then, when her father presses her to marry Paris, she despairs and sees no solution to her dilemma.  In desperation she seeks the counsel of Friar Laurence who suggests that she feign her death, giving the priest an opportunity to explain what has occurred.  Also, the priest hopes that when Juliet awakens, the parents will be so elated that they will forgive Juliet's defiance.

However, Fate acts against her, preventing Romeo from receiving the message from Friar Laurence that Juliet is alive.  Instead, in Act 5, scene I, Romeo is told Juliet is dead by Balthasar who witnessed her funeral.  "I defy you, Fate" vows Romeo as he heads to the apothecary for poison.  But, in reality, he,too, becomes a victim of fate.   For, while Romeo makes a choice, the consequences of this choice have already been decided just as the consequences of Juliet's choice to feign death has been decided.

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