To what extent do the actors in the movie version of "The Most Dangerous Game" resemble the descriptions of them in the story by Connell?

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clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you are talking about the 1932 version of the movie, I think the actors that were chosen to play the parts were well chosen. They really live up to the descriptions given by Connell, especially Ivan- he is a large man with a kind of hunch and is not well spoken- perfectly cast. The story describes Ivan as deaf and dumb and the Ivan in the movie plays that role well.

General Zaroff in the story was described as being sophisticated and refined and he was cast well too, he even had an accent that had an heir of high society to it. I thought that makeup could have given him the teeth described in the story however, it would have been more believable. The story described his teeth as having pointed ends.

Rainsford is definitely sporty looking in the movie. I think that he resembled the part well. I imagined him to be bigger, but since the movie was almost exactly like the story everything came across as very genuine. Even the dialogue was word-for-word in most parts. 

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