To what extent did militarism contribute to the origin of World War II?

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Militarism was important in contributing to WWII.  Hitler always appeared in military uniform and did not let the public forget that the German army did not lose in the field, but rather the civilian leadership "betrayed" the army at Versailles.  Hitler also used the creation of munitions as a way to increase employment in Nazi Germany.  American visitors to Nazi Germany who did not see the early stages of the Holocaust admired the efficiency of the German workforce--they did not realize that the workforce was making weapons for an imminent war.  Military parades would be a sign of Nazi party strength throughout the time the party maintained power.  

In Japan, the military was promoted as a way for the country to ensure its continued growth.  Japan felt cheated at the Washington Naval Conference, as the size of its navy was less than the size of the rival British and American fleets.  Japan looked to the rest of Asia for natural resources, and saw the European colonial interests...

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