To what extent did colonialism serve the interest of those who lived in the colonies?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While the colonial system was designed to benefit the colonizing country, it also had some benefits for those who lived in the colonies. The colonists received benefits by being part of the British Empire. One benefit was protection. When the French and Indian War broke out, England sent soldiers and generals to fight the war. The colonists were able to depend on the British for protection. The colonists didn’t need to have their own army.

Another benefit was the colonists were able to receive high-quality products from the British. The British industries were known for the products they made. Some of these products were not made in the colonies, so the colonists had access to them from Britain. This also led to a healthy, productive trade for the colonists. Raw materials and some farm products from the colonies were traded to England.

The colonists also benefited from having an established system of government in the colonies. The British showed the colonists how to run a government. This was of great benefit to the colonists once they got their independence from Britain. The colonists received some benefits by being colonies of Britain.