Did the Civil War slow the United States Industrial Revolution, or did it help usher in modern America.Any information or verifiable sources would be helpful

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This issue has been the center of a great deal of debate among historians.  The general consensus today is that the war did help to usher in modern America, but not really through industrialization.

America was already on the road to industrialization before the Civil War.  Transcontinental railroads, though not completed, were underway.  There was no huge boom in industry caused by the Civil War.  Therefore, we can't really say that the Civil War promoted industry.  However, there's also no evidence that it slowed the Industrial Revolution either.  In fact, it led to more industrialization in the South after the war than would have been present if slavery had not ended.

The war really helped to "usher in modern America" because it ensured that the whole country would be run as a market economy rather than having half of the country using a slave system that stymied innovation and industrialization.

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In what ways did it usher in moder America besides the market economy? Also thank you for your answer. This helps give me some direction to go and the article will help.

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