To what extent does a character's obsession lead to his/her success or failure in Macbeth and The Great Gatsby? How do I form a solid thesis and find good points to write this essay?

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You might want to compare and contrast the title characters in both Macbeth and The Great Gatsby. You could say in a thesis that both Macbeth and Gatsby are brought to destruction (failure) by their obsessions, but that while Macbeth's obsession with power at all costs robs him of his humanity, Gatsby's obsession with Daisy elevates him to a level above the average person, and makes him more, not less, humane.

You would first want to find evidence in the texts that the two characters' obsessions lead them to failure and destruction. This is fairly easy, as they both end up dead. Gatsby does not obtain the object of his obsession, Daisy, who choses to go back to Tom. Then Gatsby is...

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